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Is herbal medicine suitable for children?

Many childhood problems and complaints respond extremely well with herbal medicines and because the doses used are so small children usually find them easy to take.

The permission of a consenting parent or guardian is required to treat those under 18.

What is Holistic Herbal Medicine?

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Herbalists understand that the mind and body cannot be separated. To truly understand the illness, and to bring about true healing, requires a knowledge of the complex interactions not only between the organ systems of the body, but also how that relates to a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

A herbal prescription is designed by the practitioner specifically to suit the patient’s needs and would be expected to treat the issues and disharmonies which underlie many illnesses as well as to provide control and support for the patient in dealing with the symptoms.

Herbs are usually dispensed in the form of tinctures, a form of liquid extract, and formulated together to make a medicine. Tinctures are used in small quantities and are powerful but subtle in their actions. Each prescription is designed specifically for each individual patient, and can contain anything between 10 and 20 different tinctures. The herbal dispensary contains some 200 different herbal tinctures which means the potential number of combinations is immense.

The holistic approach used in herbal medicine recognises the importance of all aspects of the person in order to understand their health, not simply the actual pathological (physical) processes that cause disease.


Please contact The Lincoln Herbal Treatment Centre if you would like to discuss the approach to treatment of any particular health condition.

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